Matt MilmeisterMatt Milmeister, the author of “Mastering the Art of Foreclosure Investing“, has been buying, selling, rehabbing, short-selling, and correcting title defects on foreclosure properties for over ten years. Since entering into Real Estate 15 years ago, he has over 30 million dollars invested in foreclosure properties.

Matt has worked in all areas of the foreclosures industry; including purchasing properties from homeowners in default, listing REO’s for sale for Banks, bidding at foreclosure auctions, working closely with the IRS in helping them get 100% of their lien amount paid, acquisitions of junior lien holders interest, listing properties for sale via the MLS for homeowners that owed more on their properties than what they were worth (SHORT SALE) resulting in the preservation of the property owners credit. Matt has even purchased a night club that was in foreclosure located approximately 1 mile from a large University owned it for 2 years then sold it for a $100,000 net profit.

In his new book “Mastering the Art of Foreclosure Investing“, Matt goes into topics that most foreclosure books have never covered before. The system Matt created will show you exactly how to make lots of money buying and selling properties in foreclosure.

The other reason for Matt’s success is he has learned the real trade secrets that have come into play that has re-shaped the way that he has learned to find and buy properties that are in foreclosure.

Would you like to know how to buy a property for $25,000 with 3 mortgages attached to it with a market value of $240,000?

Or how about learning where and how to buy a property for $5,500 and settling with the title company that made the error, resulting in a $60,000 windfall with just a few hours of work.

The two deals listed above are where title companies have made an error. Deals like the two above are easy to find once you:

  • Have the information
  • Know where to look
  • Know what to look for

Once you have the blueprint on how to navigate through these types of deals, your financial future will never be the same again.

Some of the topics included in the book are as follows below:

  • Essential Daily Tasks
  • Foreclosure 101
  • The Foreclosure Process
  • Scenerios
  • Game Plan
  • Self-Critique
  • Detailed Specific Real-Life Scenarios of Past Deals
  • Managing “Bird Dogs” to help you acquire a broad range of great deals.
  • Documented one on one interviews with a Real Estate Agent that went from 3 listings every other month maybe, to 20 plus listings per month consistent. Other agents in the office wouldn’t leave this guy alone, everyone wanted to take this guy out to lunch to find out his secrets, and Much More!

While other foreclosure books give you a broad overview of the industry and sometimes charge you in the hundreds of dollars only to give you no real information, his book is designed to get you started right away! Not only will it feel great to get a running start, you will never again make the same costly mistakes that most new investors make when they are just starting out.

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